Tuesday, June 28, 2011


One of my feet’s most fulfilling purposes these days is leading me down the four or so blocks that take me to my office at Mercado Global. I am actually doing work that is helpful to women scattered around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and being able to see the consequences of this work on a daily basis. Standing side by side with artisans and local women, I feel more passionate and fulfilled here than after turning in any thirteen page paper I’ve written in college. Today we got to visit one of the cooperatives nearby and talk to some of the women who make Mercado Global a reality. They invited us into their homes for a special lunch and showed us how they use their hands to make jewelry and textiles. These were the women who make some of the beautiful products I work with on a daily basis. It was an honor to stand among them and learn a little about what goes on in their daily lives. This is what work should be all about: using your gifts, talents, or interests for things that are both exciting and meaningful. It doesn’t matter if it’s the ability to speak another language, work well with technology, or even make people smile, for I’ve been reminded here that nothing is too trivial. These women, inspiringly, work with their hands and leave their prints on every piece they make. I hope I am fortunate enough in the future to do work that is half as noble.