Monday, June 27, 2011

View From the Top

Let’s put my feet to work; we know it’s been a while since that’s happened during my time here. My feet seem to be at odds with my stomach in a war over who gets the most attention. What better way to win this battle than by climbing a volcano? Yes, it is inactive. But that fact has no effect on the hike’s length (5-6 hours in high altitude and humidity). The San Pedro Atitlan Volcano stood in front of our little troop consisting of three college interns, one mom, and a honeymoon couple defiantly but majestically, offering its gorgeous views and lush terrain as the rewards of a grueling climbing adventure that took most of the day. Whether they were digging into the ground on the climb up or running/falling down the mountain on the way back, my feet were constantly on the move. It was one of the greatest treks they’ve accomplished in quite some time; and one of the greatest adventures they’ve made in my lifetime.