Monday, June 27, 2011

Land vs Water

Sometimes feet are grateful for land. The ride across the lake this evening was definitely one of them. A day in Guatemala just wouldn’t be a day in Guatemala without a little rain during their winter season to ensure you have an adventure worth talking about. Apparently a volcano hike was not enough to make the day memorable... the threat of a boat capsize would be much better for future dinner conversation. That  being said, the forty minute lancha ride home was my worst yet—worse, even, than the one taken in the pouring rain, the one during which our boat slowly began to fill with water. Body: seasickness. Seasickness: body. How do you do? Fortunately, you are in a big box of decade old tin with an okay motor—a contraption known for its bobbing abilities and affection for capsizing. Bonus: five life jackets for ten people, one of which is the driver, who probably doesn’t even know how to swim. We would appreciate your flexibility in this matter, so be ready to move to the prescribed side when told in order to attempt to combat the flipping of the transportation device. Hope you like roller coasters and water in your face for forty minutes.

I might just need a pedicure to set me back on the right foot.