Friday, August 10, 2012

Another day

Last night I stayed up past 10:30 (I know…wild) watching the movie St. Guiseppe Moscati: Doctor to the Poor. When Mother Hildegard saw that I had gone up to the library to rent movies several days ago, she said “oh gosh we have so many here. I’ll leave some out for you.” And she did. I now have five movies and the first season of some TV show. These Benedictines… (The movie is fantastic so far by the way. It’s three hours long!)

Tracy, Sue and I worked all morning in the garden with Mother Dilecta. After lunch, I went for an hour long run, which is the longest I’ve done in months. It felt fantastic (endorphins much?). I turned right at the gate outside the monastery, went up the hill of death (zigzagging of course), and kept running until I hit the end of the north side of the island.  I had never been that far before. Lush green interspersed with the forest green of Washington’s famous evergreens shaded me from the cloudless sky. I started listening to music, and instead of going straight to my chants, I played “One Day” by Matisyahu and ended up listening to the whole CD on my phone. Anyone who’s heard the song will know its appeal. It’s upbeat and inspiring—something I surprisingly found the entire CD to be. One song was about shining your light for others, another about taking care of the earth. There was one on peace and forgiveness and another called Silence. I was loving it and jamming out like a moron on my run. 

At 2:30, Sue and I washed Mother Hildegard’s white explorer. I don’t want to know when it was last cleaned. The dogs always ride in there with her, so it reeks of canine and was caked in dirt (Hello…we’re on a farm). We hosed it down, brushed it with soap, vacuumed, cleaned the windows, dusted. I have never seen that much dust in a carseat. By the end, the car and I had switched places. Let’s just say when I changed, it looked like I had two different skin colors. 

Margaret and Mary Anne were back for Vespers (they went to another island to get bikes during the day) so the entire group had dinner together. Afterwards, they all joined me to collect eggs. Tracy has been my moral support on that one, going straight into the coop with no fear. Maybe I’ll drag Sue in tomorrow after Tracy leaves. As we went back into the house, we stopped for several minutes outside St. Joseph’s guesthouse door, looking out at the Scottish Highland Cattle in the pasture. There we were, Sue, Tracy, Margaret, Mary Anne and I –a rag tag group of different ages, places and desires –admiring the poise of such magnificent creatures and taking in the last light of the day.