Thursday, August 9, 2012

Getting Along

Tracy and I walked to Lauds this morning at 6. It was another feast day so I showed her the appropriate page numbers in between the Latin spurts. The group was all there for mass at 8 after breakfast and then it was time for our respective duties. Work was easy today. Tracy and I fed the cattle, moved and stacked hay bales, watered the green house and fed the llamas. She even helped me collect eggs from the chicken coop later in the evening. Feeding the llamas was the closest I’ve gotten to them yet, and much like the cow milking incident, I was thrilled. The furballs were eating out of my hand, albeit suspiciously.

I went for another run after and was back in time for lunch at 12:30. I spent the afternoon in the herb garden again with Mother Felicitas, Mary Anne and Margaret  weeding, clearing and composting. To anyone who has their own garden or has done gardening or land work of any kind: I RESPECT YOU.

Sunset with Tracy
Went to Vespers at 5, played piano til 6:30 and then biked back to the guest house for dinner. Was met by a new face: a woman named Sue from Seattle. If I thought I liked the group already, Sue took this to a whole other level. First, she brought homemade hummus and chocolate zucchini bread. Second, she plays the saxophone. Third, she plays Taize music on her saxophone and knows all about the Taize community. When she told me this, I flipped out. When I told her I was at Taize for a week earlier this summer, she flipped out. The evening consisted in a performance: Sue played the saxophone while we sang Taize songs with the whole group, who are anywhere between  15-40 years older than me. I no longer only think we will all get along. We will.