Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kickin the habit

Yesterday was my last day of motherhood. That habit might never come on again. I skipped Lauds at 6am and found myself vacuuming and making beds around 7 before mass. (Are you reading this mom?)  Feeding the cattle at 10 has become a staple. And yesterday I brought a treat: extra bread to go with the hay. I had never seen cattle run that fast. And I have never felt so popular. (Unless you count today when I brought hay out to the llamas.) I worked in the garden in the morning with Mother Dilecta, clearing out weeds to make room for the tractor. Before long my hands started to blister, leaving a nice raw circle in each palm. Perhaps I was getting a bit too zealous again. 

I’ve been reading Thomas Merton’s Life and Holiness in my spare time. It’s a small book of a little over a hundred pages and is my first introduction to the famous Trappist monk’s work. It’s one of about 8 books I bought over spring break at Powell’s in Portland that I’ve been dying to crack open ever since. College didn’t seem to spare much time…

After helping Mother Felicitas in the herb garden in the afternoon, I did one of my last official house mother duties: picking up the next guests at the Ferry. Martha, Mary Anne and Tracy. Martha and Mary Anne have been coming up to the monastery since they discovered it fifteen years ago . They seem to have been friends forever, working off of each other’s rhythm and taking care of the other accordingly. This is Tracy’s first time at the monastery. She came up from LA, where was born and raised and works as a school teacher. She leaves Friday while the other two will be here for the month. Martha and Mary Anne know their way around AND clean the house. Meanwhile, Tracy has a sweet tooth. Let’s just say I think we’ll all get along. 

Monastery entrance