Monday, September 24, 2012


You notice a difference in yourself as you hum softly in the kitchen, scraping the rice from the pan under the running water.You think about yourself less; you hardly check your phone or watch; you go out of your way to talk to others. You’re going to sleep before midnight, most nights before eleven, and wake up pretty easily by 7am. You lay your outfits out the night before, prepare and pack your lunch then too. You’re trying, slowly, to stay in touch with people. To answer e-mail. You’re wearing your glasses a lot more and get ready for work in about ten minutes. You look at your unlined eyes and fresh face and think you’re beautiful.

You’re still learning to run errands right away and not put things off. To make your bed in the morning. To work with your wily hair. To organize. To do one thing at a time. To take care of your things. But in the meantime, you’ll continue taking it day by day. And learn to relish what you have learned somewhere along the way.

You’re growing up.