Monday, October 22, 2012

autumn fallin'

I blush in the navel of nature
Standing amidst vast design
Walking within playful color
And failing to match it with mine

I laugh in the navel of nature
Running my feet through design
Hearing the wind in the treetops
Still failing to discern its rhyme

I leap in the navel of nature
Pretending to conquer her design
Dancing with the leaves and ladybugs
Marveling at all that’s divine

I sit in the navel of nature
Feet crossed over the hard earth
Looking at the quilt of autumn colors
Feeling the warmth of rebirth



And I wonder if
We’ve overlooked
The rise and fall of a leaf

The birth and growth
and budding of color
The green, gold or orange heat

Until arrives the day of its greatest journey:
The separation from its tree
The one that will bring both life and death--
The end and beginning of glory

I’d like to end like a leaf does.
One covered if only by fall.
Who goes out with brilliant color
And doesn’t feel the weight of its haul

I’d like to end like a leaf does
Dancing gaily in the air
Flurrying up past the treetops
And gracefully landing with care

I’d like to end like a leaf does
One acknowledging its life from the tree
But  whose beauty is best admired in the wind
Where it may breathe fully its majesty

I’d like to end like a leaf does
Amidst all of its sisters and brothers
Creating together a quilt decorating the earth
And within its seams 
knowing the journey is far from over.