Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Showing Off

God is a show-off. This statement may baffle many, leading to petitions for excommunication or public shunning. But I say this loud and clear, with love and respect and awe: God is a show-off.

The fiery red and pink stare at me, unflinching against the weathered and faded ground. I look at the leaves and think plainly— God is a show-off.

The quiet neighborhood streets by Dupont Circle, with the golden sunlight illuminating the quaint brownstones and the leaves casually whispering secrets ahead— God is a show-off.

The sun’s footprints marking the edge of the earth, leaving trails of hot pink, plum and orange— God is a show-off.

The black squirrel, the song sparrow, the searing blue sky— God is a show-off.

You and I— God is a show-off

Job 37