Sunday, November 11, 2012

intensely happy

There are moments when you are intensely happy. For no reason other than that the fact that there’s a sun, and today it’s not covered by clouds. Or you get to the office and the coffee’s already made. Or there’s food left over.

Maybe it’s that one song they sang at mass today you hadn’t heard in a while. Or that homily from the priest that was so inspiring you wanted to join the other man who yelled “Amen” after it finished and give the priest a sticker that said “Evangelizer.”

Don’t forget the new song your friend introduced you to, it could have been that too. Or the movie on Shakespeare you just watched that made you ache for his writing. It could be the witty lyrics of that song you’ve had on repeat...the fact that you’re traveling to a new city next week...the “whole foods-esque” dinner you just cooked with a friend or the humility you felt earlier in receiving the Eucharist.

The intense happiness is among those things, somewhere hidden within the blessings, covered in sheets of familiarity, buried just out of reach. It doesn't matter. What matters is that it's there.