Sunday, December 9, 2012

Old friends

An old friend called the other day. It’s funny how they tend to do that, especially after you’ve finished cooking and are wondering how to best spend the next several hours. Sometimes they call at just the right time, like moments after you've been thinking about them. And you love them for it. Then you seriously consider whether or not they can read your mind telepathically. You think about odd things like chocolate covered baguette slices while on the phone. They say nothing about this in your conversation. All clear. 

Old friends are often overlooked. They’re the comfortable pair of socks in the drawer that don’t always get pulled out, but are the ones you cherish. They may have gotten worn and scraggly from washing. Heck, they may even have a hole or two. But you swear by them regardless—like a lucky charmand loyally keep them around.

Old friends are the ones you don’t have to keep tabs on all the time. The ones you know you can count on or just call out of the blue without getting an awkward response or having to feel guilty. They don't ask for a log of the hours you've spent without them. They don't sneak in snarky remarks about you not knowing that it was their grandmother's birthday or forgetting to send that card. They're happy just to talk. You're happy they called.

Old friends are the ones you can ask the big questions; the ones who ask you the big questions back; the ones you can answer honestly when asked how you’ve been; the ones you don’t mind being vulnerable around.

Old friends know what you mean when you say things—the true meaning. You wonder if they majored in Reading Between the Lines. They hear your sigh or pause and know what it signifies. And they care to find out.

Old friends don’t need constant patching up, just a good shaking out every now and then. They are not threatened by new friends, experiences, significant others or the presence of moths and dust. But they appreciate you taking them out of the drawer or closet, wearing them once in a while, even showing them off in public.

Old friends are content knowing you are.

And old friends are the ones that hang up saying “love ya.” Those two words make you smile. Because even though it’s been days, weeks or months since you've last chatted, the mutual respect and affection remains—unchanged, unabashed, unafraid.

Love ya too, old friend, your heart screams.

Love ya too.