Saturday, January 26, 2013


And right now life is wild.

Because this morning you were up before the sun. Maybe it had hit the snooze button. Maybe it just wasn't yet its time.

Because it snowed today, the second of this winter. Making this day a finger signifying the number of times you've experienced this phenomenon in your life. And the fluffy, powdery confetti in the sky was magic.

Because a group of strangers was sitting in your dining room eating breakfast this morning. They had burnt toast. The house reeked. And you welcomed them because they were pilgrims on a spiritual journey, brothers and sisters joining you in the March for Life.

Because the March for Life happened today. An event of thousands from across the country--one of the only ones you've gone to in which the crowd is predominantly peaceful. And people say excuse me or smile when you bump into them or meet their gaze. And when you walk, you pray.

Because thousands of youth went to that march today--a generation of hope, resilience and compassion. A generation of love.

Because you withstood temperatures in the teens today, standing and walking for hours. And you really didn't mind.

Because James Martin, SJ spoke to you today. Or at you, in any case. You were in the room. And he spoke of humor in faith, joy in spirituality--the things you've been discussing just moments, days and months before. And he made you laugh. He made you tilt back your head to the ceiling, let go, and laugh heartily.

Because Fr. Martin reminded you of your Jesuits today--the ones that taught you in Northern Californian classrooms. The ones that accompanied you on World Youth Day in Spain. The ones that heard your confessions from week to week. The ones that preached in daily and Sunday mass. The ones that invited you to the JesRes for lunch with cookies. The ones that sat on benches or outside the cafeteria and chatted with you over tea or coffee.The ones that came to your dance performances or led your retreats.

Because a lot can happen in one day. Maybe not always to this extent or with such magnitude. But always with something of importance.

Because every day you wake up, life happens. And it can be wild.