Monday, April 29, 2013

Dear friend: stop judging

Dear friend:

Why do you do that sometimes--judge other people? You're too old for that, aren't you? Didn't mom tell you back when you were in Mrs. Satterwhite's class that we are all children of God? And that God loves each one of us infinitely? Yes, even the bad guys and the kid that stole your favorite pencil.

Didn't you learn later what her words truly meant, lots of times, but especially that one time in the chapel, when you felt lower than low and you couldn't believe that you looked up and felt God smiling at you? It was like this: you know when a parent, especially an older one, looks at their children and their eyes water because they are overflowing with love and pride? That's what that moment was like, after you had come clean. You felt it personally, didn't you feel that infinite love personally? And didn't you learn also that God loves you too much to leave you that way?

So what are you doing wasting your time finding the low in others? You're a busy 23 year-old, aren't you? Isn't that what you tell everybody? Then you shouldn't have time for what Gab calls porquerias like that. Who cares if that person's shoes match their outfit or if that girl needs to visit a dictionary? It's not up to you to decide if that makes them less of a person or not.

And the best part is, you don't have to make that call. Would you put "judges unnecessarily" on your LinkedIn account under your list of skills? I didn't think so. Judging the worth of others is not your job. Really, it isn't. Hallelujah! It's the job of someone else, "the big G" -- God. So that's another load off. You get to go enjoy life more as a result with all the free time you're going to have from now on. Take a walk. Write a poem. Heck, wave at people on the street and smile, but don't judge them or their weird outfits or their wrinkled faces or their manner of living. You don't know what kind of day other people are having; what kind of past brought them to where they are right now; what kind of future they will have.

Friend, judging is for unhappy people. It's for broken people. It's for bored people. And you have way too much to do already.

So remember, friend, you're better than that.

Best wishes,