Monday, May 20, 2013

moments of grace*

You pluck your guitar strings late at night, while offering your vocal melody

You pour boiling water on your mate, and extend the gourd to me

You sing of God in the morning, inviting the discord of my untrained voice

You easily hand over your credit card, paying for the man without a choice

You teach me about laughter, brightening the misty rain

You walk with the homeless woman, giving food to ease her pain

You help me pack sandwiches, your disabilities do not hinder the service you give

You share your smile continuously, showing me the better way to live

You open up a new jar and slide the green salsa my way

You send me a homemade package filled with treasures that you made

You drop me off at the back door, so I don't have to take the stairs

You wait for a call or text, to tell you I'm safely there

None of these are extraordinary, perhaps to our everyday lives

But they are all extraordinary, when seen through grateful eyes.

*to all of the people I'm privileged to know