Tuesday, November 12, 2013


You are a vessel.

You carry within you the capacity for good, the capacity for love. You can make someone’s day brighter or help another heal. You can remind someone what is feels like to smile or whisper to them that they're not alone. Or not. Or you can magnify the burdens of someone's day, make them feel unloved, unworthy. You can make people look down at their shoes or avoid your eyes. You can do that. You can do any of those things because you are a vessel, capable of planting love and watching it grow...or letting it rot.

You are a vessel, despite how you might feel. It does not matter what state you find yourself in, but do not be afraid. Allow yourself to be used for good. Allow hope to be your road. Allow yourself to be led to new horizons, slowly but confidently going more and more outside of yourself and towards others. Plant love and cultivate it. Too many are forgetting to. Too many have allowed themselves to be bearers of despair, superiority, hatred and anger. Be a vessel of hope. Then you will begin to grasp the infinite.  

You are a vessel, and you are small and broken. Know that, but do not focus on it, for it leads to a dead end. Yes, you are but a small and broken vessel, but you are not limited to staying that way. Instead, you can be filled with the divine, with love. Empty yourself of your doubts, your insecurities, your unkindness. Let the divine rush in, not to overcome or erase or destroy you, but to let you thrive and grow. Allow yourself to be led to joy, the profound kind that enables you to find beauty in the midst of suffering and heartache. Surrender your fear. Make more room for love. Then you will begin to understand why it is you are really here, despite being small and broken.

The desire for more is within you. Do you feel it when you’re driving? You roll the window down and can’t help but stick your arm out. You open your hand and it extends, trying to grab the sky, the air, the world. Your hand is stretched out wide, each finger is reaching, and yet you can never grab the wind, only feel it. And as the wind rushes through your fingers it does not destroy them, but the feeling it leaves as it rushes past you makes you long to grab for more. And so rolling up the window becomes a heartbreaking and confining act. Stopping the car seems like a tragedy. The lack of motion becomes boring and lifeless because you had just experienced the rush of life. You had reached out for something more, you had grasped at the infinite. But your hand, no matter how open, could not even begin to grab it. And now you feel a small and hollow void.

What will you fill it with? Friendship, drinks, new clothing, a packed calendar, a well-paying job, family, studying, nature, gambling, love, God? How will you be used? To make someone’s day or to ruin it? To help someone feel loved or abandoned? Because you can do either.

You are a vessel. Be one of love.  

And never close your hand when it’s grasping at the wind.