Friday, January 31, 2014

We Have Made Mistakes

Dear friend,

Let us not lose hope, though the way is filled with darkness. Know these troubles will not last long. Hope will be what marks us, let it be what marks us, setting us apart from the desolate world. Hope can exist in spite of sorrow.

You will learn to forgive, though it does not seem like it now. And you will learn you are worthy of love, despite what the actions of others have told you. Trouble is only part of the road. It is not your destination. When the light of the sun fails to seep through the clouds, find light in the faces around you, in the tiny sacred moments of each and every day. Keep your eyes open. They disguise themselves often. And your eyes will need to readjust to the new light they bring.

Though you look down and see only brokenness, you will once again be whole. Though tears blind your eyes, they will once again dance with laughter. Though anger and confusion and numbness threaten to become ravenous in your core, you will learn to redefine them into healing, strength, wisdom, love. I have no doubt about your ability to do these things, though they may be hard. They are what you are destined for. Know compassion; breathe forgiveness; give up pride. Nothing is a waste if you learn from it.

We await the person you will become when you find out who you truly are: someone who has made mistakes; someone who gets up afterwards.

 “The sun, it does not cause us to grow. It is the rain that will strengthen your soul…it will make you whole.” –The Oh Hellos, I Have Made Mistakes


We carry one another’s burdens because alone they are too heavy. I carry the ones you give me, spreading them out so that together we can overcome. And you carry the ones I ask you to.

I am humbled each time.

We carry the burdens of many who will never know. We carry them in our hearts. Not for the glory or the recognition, but because we have realized that’s all we’re here for. Once you learn this, once it’s the song of your heart, your life changes...because it’s no longer lived for yourself alone.

The burdens are not easy to carry. In fact, your heart almost always seems to overflow. It never does. That’s the miracle. Your heart expands with each one, for it is fathomless—like your soul. It gets bigger and bigger the more it is filled. Suddenly, you’re helping carry hundreds of burdens, anxieties, fears, yet you are not overcome. You do not become burden, anxiety or fear. They are not what define is.

It’s all we’re here for.