Tuesday, May 20, 2014

false reflections

We walk amidst the shadows and call them life. We’re so accustomed now to the dimness that light is too abrasive. It burns rather than warms, offends rather than illuminating. So we stumble around in the fog, thinking we are dancing. It’s like looking in the mirror and confusing the reflection with the person. Only now, we've even made the reflection unclear. The mirror has a layer of steam, blurring the image. And many of our backs are turned. And sometimes, even the light is off. Many things prevent us from truly seeing ourselves, from knowing who we are, from where we’ve come, and to what we are going. But we’ve convinced ourselves that we are comfortable. “Comfortable” is our best friend. It doesn’t demand much of us, doesn't pry, doesn’t ask us to change. It leaves us quite alone, minds its own business. Comfortable—a makeshift refuge amidst the vast discomfort of the world we face each day. Comfortable—the often elusive goal of our lives. Comfortable—the fog on the mirror. Comfortable is not evil. I’m not suggesting a life of suffering and misery as a suitable alternative. We’ve just limited ourselves to something far below us, something that isn’t our true end, though many of us have come to think so. We’ve deluded ourselves into thinking that comfort is the epitome of life. The thing that will bring us joy.

Why is comfortable not enough? Because it’s not what we were made for. We were made for greatness, for excellence, even amidst the discomfort of our world. We were never made to settle, just as we were never made for the fog, or the darkness, or the failure. What will wipe away the steam, turn us around, flip on the light, allow us to face ourselves? Love. Uncomfortable love. Love that demands all of who we are. Love that evaporates our egoism. Love that hurts. Love that is real. Love that pushes us out of ourselves and into the lives and well-being of others. Love that we have to practice, and will fail at, again and again. Love that doesn't judge. Love that is hard. 

But love that is worth it. Love that reminds us who we are and why we’re here. Love that takes us from the shadows and actually calls us to dance. Love that breaks through the fog. Love that never diminishes. Love that is the true light. Love that is our true reflection.